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Lightspeed Blog Launch – Why Now? December 14, 2006

Posted by John Vrionis in Uncategorized, Venture Capital.

Lightspeed Venture Partners launched its blog this month.

What’s that?

Too many VC’s blogging already? Another example of VCs acting like sheep?

From our perspective the answers are clearly, no and no.

Ok. How about maybe and maybe?

The truth is we debated the idea internally and ultimately decided we need to do a better job of two things:

1. Sharing our personal ideas, beliefs and lessons with the community of entrepreneurs we are in the business of serving.

2. Engaging on a consistent basis with entrepreneurs and opening up direct channels of communication.

So here we go.

Stay tuned for regular posts from the various members of Lightspeed. We’ll be doing all the fun blogging things bloggers do such as commenting on news, sharing ideas about sectors we find particularly interesting, and looking to engage with you about ideas you have and how we can help.


1. SENSOR - June 2, 2009

I totally agree it is good and openning way to communicate and relese some reliable info .

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