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Slide Presentation at Web 2.0 Expo – “Show me the money”; business models for web 2.0 startups April 19, 2007

Posted by jeremyliew in business models, Consumer internet, Ecommerce, media, start-up, startups, VC, Venture Capital, web 2.0.

I spoke today at the Web2.0 expo on the topic of how this generation of internet companies can make money under both media and e-commerce models (Show me the money). This is an expansion of previous posts I have written on this topic.

The short form of my presentation is as follows:

1. Its easier than ever to start a consumer internet company
> 1.1. Not too hard to get to cash flow breakeven

2. For long term value creation, plan A can’t be “get bought by Google”
3. Need to have a roadmap to be an independent public company

> 3.1 Requires real scale
> 3.2 Revenue sometimes lags costs when you are growing
> 3.3 May need venture capital to bridge the gap

I go into more detail on this and lay out the math as to how big you need to be to both breakeven and to be a public company under both business models.

For those who are interested, slides are available here:

Web 2.0 presentation – Show Me The Money


1. rashmi - April 19, 2007

Missed your presentation so glad you uploaded the slides. Maybe upload slides to SlideShare and embed into blog for easier viewing? Several presentations from Web2.0 expo are already there: http://www.slideshare.net/groups/web-20-expo/slideshows

2. John Furrier - April 19, 2007

Great post. The real jewel in this post Jeremy is the scale piece. The real question for you to think about is…what requires scale? I think that you’re definition of web 2.0 consumer is very limited. You seem to do only an analysis of content companies. I’d like to see you take a stab at some macro trends that span infrastructure, application layer, and content.

3. Toms - April 19, 2007

nice article, thanks

4. myron - April 19, 2007

Great presentation. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting the slides.

5. J.T. - April 20, 2007

This is good stuff… thanks for posting the .ppt! Know some people that will be happy to give it the once over.

6. francine hardaway - April 20, 2007

Yes, the scale piece is important. For every company that gets bought by Google, hundreds limp along trying to scale and be independent. It’s an entirely different set of skills.

7. Praveen Narra - April 20, 2007

Keep up the great work, Jeremy. Very nice presentation with real valuable information for new entrepreneurs. Enjoyed your presentation and the data.

8. Francesco DeParis - May 16, 2007

As unlikely as it seems from the outset, I think traditional media companies (TMC) will ultimately rule the web 2.0/New Media space. TMCs will surely become the next VCs.

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[…] social behavior? According to a presentation “Web 2.0: Show Me The Money” by Jeremy Liew from Lightspeed Venture Partners, it’s easier than ever to start a consumer internet company and not too hard to get to cash flow […]

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