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Good SF Chron article on kids and casual immersive worlds June 1, 2007

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For those who liked my previous post on how casual immersive worlds are hitting the mainstream in the US, there was a good article in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle, found via Ypulse.

My favorite comments was about webkinz, the plush toy that comes with a unique code for a matching online avatar:

“I don’t really play with it a lot,” Laurel said of her plush toy. “But sometimes, when I see it, it reminds me to go play (with the computer game).”



1. Laurie Hooper - June 18, 2007

I have a web development start-up (franchise business solutions) in Los Angeles with a 9 year old nephew visiting from Texas toting his 3 webkinz. I just purchased two of my own from Amazon.com (I couldn’t decide on one they were so cute) because he said, “if you have one, we could play together online when I get back home!”. Genius? I’d say. As an advocate for what is right with the internet, especially to his very parents who told me 10 years ago that the internet was a fad and I was wasting my time, they give me a shining healthy example to use!

2. sutthipong - February 29, 2008

i have been looking for some deffinition of good reading article for kids, but i cant see anyweb that give the meaning of what is the good reading article?

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