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Top four multi-app companies on Facebook June 21, 2007

Posted by jeremyliew in Consumer internet, facebook, user generated content, viral, web 2.0, widgets.

It’s becoming fashionable to question Facebook’s importance recently. Its so “first half of June”. But I’m still young, naive and in love.

At least four companies have really made a big “multi app” push into Facebook; Hot Or Not, Rockyou (Rockyou is a Lightspeed company), Slide and Trakzor.

Its hard to get complete data on all the apps that these companies have built as many are not listed in the app directory, and many are listed as having been created by employees names, rather than by the company, but here is at least a partial list, sorted by number of users and color coded by parent company:

Top app companies on Facebook color coded

Word doc with URL’s is below if you’d like to download it

Multi app companies on Facebook

I know that this is incomplete both by apps, and by companies with multiple apps. Reader comments, corrections and updates very welcome


1. Jeffrey - June 21, 2007

“First half of June” is a riot, Jeremy! Very interesting stats.

2. lawrence - June 21, 2007

Thanks for the link, Jeremy.

Nah, I’m not questioning Facebook’s importance. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about, posting about, and spec’ing apps for Facebook. I’m just trying to figure out what a Facebook App User is worth to a publisher versus a site user.

As you are someone who has skin in the game on this, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3. Nitesh Mehta - June 21, 2007

Thanks for sharing. This is great! I’ve been measuring things on a different scale – # of reviews. This metric provides a better sense of what people feel passionate about. Top Friends, for instance, only has 1300 reviews whereas Horoscopes has 12,000 which is a more interesting dimension.

The guys at Slide tweaked their flows so that it automatically picks 8 people if you don’t select any, and that’s what caused their spike in users.


Nitesh Mehta
You StyleMe

4. sourabh niyogi - June 21, 2007

for day-to-day stats on viral user growth see

5. Yan - June 21, 2007

Fascinating that both Slide and RockYou have the biggest numbers of users in apps that are not their core strength while their actual image hosting apps are down quite a bit below (though still quite strong).

Good proof towards the idea that startups often end up doing something other than what they start with.

6. bing - June 21, 2007

where does the data source come from?

7. sethgoldstein - June 21, 2007

Nice post Jeremy. It is indeed an exciting time to innovate on the F8 platform. What is your take on what is ok in terms of social spam and what is over the line? For example, some of the most popular Facebook apps are at the top of the charts not in terms of their innovativeness/quality, but solely because of the way that they distribute themselves to the community. What is TOO aggressive in your mind and will it come back to bite some of these companies?

ps, we just wrote a useful app for tracking these stats, http://apps.facebook.com/appsaholic/

8. jeremyliew - June 22, 2007

lawrence, I’ll think on this and post about it

Bing, source of #s is the FB app page

Seth, Nice app. I don’t have an opinion on what is too aggressive for promoting virality, but its clear that best practices are emerging and getting copied quickly, and that these then decrease in effectiveness as the channel gets clogged

9. observer - June 22, 2007

It should be noted that Slide has been paying for “sponsored feeds” to increase their distribution on facebook. I have confirmed this with several sources (beyond my feed).

I am curious how much they have spent and if they have figured out a ballpark CPA for a “general facebook app” .

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13. Erik - June 24, 2007

Slideshows comes at number six. Cool!

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15. No Name - November 5, 2007

Thanks for the link, Jeremy

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