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Please do me a favor and change your RSS feed June 22, 2007

Posted by jeremyliew in Uncategorized.

I have only just installed Feedburner (slow learner) and am trying to get a better handle on my traffic through feed readers.

If you’re getting this through a reader, would you please redirect your reader to:


or just click through if you’re using a web based reader

thanks a LOT.


1. arf - June 22, 2007

no! (sorry, I drive around those tubes that measure traffic on roads too. Google can’t count pulls from your server yet? 😉

2. Cameron Olthuis - June 22, 2007

Jeremy, not to nit-pick but it’d be easier if you made that an active link.

3. Dave - June 22, 2007

Can we leave it on the current one if we don’t want Google to know our reading habits?

4. Rob Brown - June 22, 2007

For most of us, that’s going to mean a few steps. Namely deleteting, adding, re-grouping, etc.

How about adding a transparent gif (or inline ad even) that will log the referrer and give you stats?

5. ouriel - June 22, 2007

Was about time Jeremy 🙂

6. Ben - June 24, 2007

or just host your blog on own your own domain with wordpress then (really easy to migrate from wordpress .com) and then use feedsmith to redirect all users of your feed to the feedburner one, then we dont have to do anything!

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