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Communication, performance and birthdays September 23, 2007

Posted by jeremyliew in communication, email, performance, social media, social networks.

It was my birthday on Friday ,and it was the first birthday I’ve celebrated as an active member of a social network.

I’ve posted in the past about the performance aspects of social network communication, and how this affects future email use. I’ve also posted about social design for social media companies, and how Facebook’s birthday reminder and wall work together to uphold the first two of the rules of social design:

Motorola Findings

It was interesting to see this all play out as a participant. For my birthday, I received in total:

  • 1 “happy birthday” phone call
  • 2 “happy birthday” cards
  • 20 “happy birthday” email
  • 3 “happy birthday” private messages on social networks
  • 26 “happy birthday” public messages (ie posted on profile) on social networks
  • Fully half of the messages were public. But within the context of the social network, almost 90% of the communications were public.

    Communications modes seem to be shifting very quickly, at least for those messages with a “performance” aspect.

    I’d be interested to hear similar stats from readers.


    1. Nick - September 24, 2007

    3 ‘happy birthday’ phone calls
    0 cards
    5 emails
    16 public messages on social networks

    2. Ted Rheingold - September 24, 2007

    Jeremy, you’ll need to add one belated “happy birthday” blog comment to you list ;> Happy Birthday!

    Yes, this year I too was caught off guard by the social network-based “happy birthdays” I received until I realized that a stunning amount of my tech friends actually read their Facebook minifeed each day.

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