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What’s the right primary pivot for your social media site? October 4, 2007

Posted by jeremyliew in social media, social networks.

Bokardo has a good post recently, about finding the primary pivot of your social media site where he notes:

Over time, the primary pivot of social software has shifted away from the topic thread and toward the person.

As he notes, there are three possible pivot points for a social media site:

1. The topic thread (historically the most common approach, e.g. usenet)
2. The person (social networks such as facebook)
3. Core elements of the subject (e.g. the hotel at tripadvisor)

I think we’ll see more endemic social media sites making the primary pivot around the core elements of the subject over time.

Would like to hear from readers good examples of the three classes of pivots


1. lawrence - October 4, 2007

Another sort of interesting discussion is whether sites choose to provide their pivots within their Facebook App, or force folks to click back to home base to see them.

Yelp and Upcoming force people to click back to see their business profiles and event listings.

iLike and Flixster provide their hubs (artist and movie pages respectively) on Facebook.

At RateItAll, our primary pivot is the rating list:


It’s the hub for our top ranked display widgets.
It’s a hub for our rating widgets.
It’s the hub for our RSS feeds.
It’s the primary revenue earning page of the site.
It’s the most shared section of our site.
It does the most traffic on the site.

Folks can make their own and share ad revenue on ones they make.

We’ve got about 30K of them.

2. Nate Westheimer - October 4, 2007

Blogs (and other publishing platforms) are examples of combinations of at least the first two. People read your blog (you, Jeremy) because you write it, about a certain subject.

3. d. - October 4, 2007

For places-to-visit.info the pivot is The Place. The place to see, to be, to experience.
Is places-to-visit.info social media site? Maybe not yet, but the direction is toward it.
So it’s inevitable that in the future the people will get more focus on them.

ps. This is my second attempt to comment.

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