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KZero projects Virtual Worlds to be mainstream in 2008 January 3, 2008

Posted by jeremyliew in virtual worlds.

A few days ago the NY Times noted that big media companies are driving virtual worlds for kids. KZero, a virtual world consulting firm, projects 2008 to be a breakout year for virtual worlds, with at least five million new registered users for each of Second Life, There, HiPiHi, Whyville and Club Penguin.

A compelling visual representation of growth of specific virtual worlds is available on their website.


1. reBang weblog - January 3, 2008

In the Virtual World Land Rush, a Landscape of Inconvenient Truths

No one following the news – online or off – is surprised by how often a story mutates beyond recognition. We have jokes specifically addressing the inability of most people to accurately relay information. However, beyond simple mistakes, I’ve no…

2. csven - January 3, 2008

“KZero, a virtual world consulting firm,” with the problem of occasionally either not getting the facts straight or possibly glossing/massaging/spinning them to help make another point.

Please tell me you don’t rely on KZero. For reference: http://blog.rebang.com/?p=1417

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