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Games 2.0: SMS offers an interesting channel for asynchronous MMOGs February 1, 2008

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I think asynchronous games are an interesting emerging trend as casual games meet multiplayer games to create social gaming opportunities. Many social games are taking off in Facebook as its platform allows social games to grow virally among groups of friends. These are largely text and asynchronous by nature.

One of the challenges in the mobile world has always been getting distribution, whether distribution of an app or placement in a mobile carriers deck. Increasingly, however, apps like Twitter and Facebook are taking advantage of SMS as the mechanism for lightweight text-based interactions (sometimes with a primary interaction mode through the PC). SMS has near universal availability, no distribution challenges (beyond getting an SMS shortcode), and the highest use rate among mobile phone users after calling:

Cell phone uses beyond calls

Given many social games’ text based, asynchronous nature, it will be interesting to see whether they can extend their reach via SMS into the mobile arena in the same way. This obviously allows a greater opportunity for subscription and premium digital goods revenue as consumers are more accustomed to paying for phone services than they are for web services. It also allows simplifies billing. WAP is another option.

Managerzone is one game that offers phone based services so that eager players can constantly stay in touch with what is happening “in game”. See a list of some of their WAP and SMS services as taken from their website below:

There are a number of mobile services that you can use to stay in touch and improve your game here at ManagerZone. This is a perfect complement for anybody that cannot always be in front of the computer or would like to immediately receive information as it is available.


You can subscribe to these services via our packages or you can simply pay as you go via money that you put in your account (see my home and your account). We offer both WAP services and SMS services (text messaging) and with our text messaging you can choose to receive the message via SMS to your mobile phone or via email to your mobile phone or computer. You thus simply enter your mobile phone number or your email address for your mobile phone.

Wap spy

This service immediately improves your manager skills. Well, the fact that you can check up on your opponent simply makes it one notch easier to know what to expect. You can follow their tactics and get recommendations as to whom to watch out for. You also get the formation of your opponent and of course some insight about the goalies strengths and weaknesses.

League standings

With a click you can see the updated standings in your league or other leages around the world and in your country. You can also directly from the standings click on a team to get more info about that team such as who the manager is and what kind of stadium they have. You can also easily challenge anybody via this page. All the things you do here is also updating the web and will be visible there the next time you log on via the web.

Youth and financial service

Would you like to increase the number of junior players your team has this week. Do you need to check up on your finances to make sure you have enough for that great player you want to bid on? Did your expenses come in as expected or do you need to make some changes? With this service you have total control of your finances all the time anywhere.
You can also check your financial situation up to 3 weeks back in time. Just like you can via the web.

Match statistics

In addition to the result you get to see all the details of the game. Who controlled the ball, who had the most free kicks and scoring chances. Do your own analysis straight from your mobile phone.
You can also read the full text review of the game from this page. There is nothing you want to know about the game that you don’t get from the wap function.

The functions above are just a few that you find in the WAP function. Other features include::

# Read all news
# Player watch
# Bidding on players
# Challenge and accepts friendlies
# Full training report
# Search for team and user info
# and much more……


1. Shane - February 1, 2008

4INFO (a DFJ company) offers a free SMS platform with ad-supported rev share for game publishers. Contact Mateen Aini (Business Dev) at mateen@4info.net or Zaw Thet (CEO) at Zaw @4info.net to get you started.

Although it may not be apparent at first glance, sms is a healthy stream of revenue for publishers. Some of the top 4INFO facebook partners make nearly $10,000 AFTER revenue share. They are the thought and business leaders in SMS.

2. Amy Gu - February 11, 2008

hmmm, to me, facebook mobile will not be super popular until they could sign up mobile package with carriers. Paying for the received messages will never be a smart choice for customers.

I got a blackberry, and I found I tend to use my data service to use facebook instead of SMS because of the unlimited data package I got. This will be the bottleneck for SMS’s development. Compared with China, I expect some carriers to first lower the SMS fee.

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