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Demographics for top 10 games on Facebook February 21, 2008

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Bret Terrill has posted a chart of the demographics of the top 10 games in Facebook. He notes:

Despite all the recent posturings by Zynga and SGN, neither companies has more than one game in the top ten. That honor goes to Blake Commagere.

Most games, with one exception, have a significantly higher ratio of male players. Does this mean men play more games? Answer: No. It means that no one is making games that appeal to female players – I’ll post on that in the future.

Interesting bits:

* Jetman has virtually no users over 26.
* Scrabulous (and Vampires!!!) has an equal male-female ratio.

The other interesting point is that all the games skew pretty young, even relative to Facebook’s audience. The stereotypical casual gamer is a middle aged woman, so this is a bit of a deviation from the expectation.

See his post for the chart and details.


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2. Roy Pereira - May 31, 2008

Refresh Analytics (http://refreshanalytics.com) allows any application owner to monitor the demographics of their active users. Understanding your application’s demographics allows for increased CPM rates for advertising.

It supports all Facebook applications and is free to use.

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