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Speaking at Interplay Conference about games and social networks on May 22nd May 8, 2008

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Reader of this blog will know that I have a high degree of interest in Social Games. There are a couple of social gaming conferences coming up in the next couple of months.

The first is Interplay which is being held on May 22nd at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco. It specifically is focused on games being played on social networks. Some of the topics that the conference plans to address include:

How will the companies in this space turn their momentum into sustainable business models?
How will the social network platforms react if and when they do?
The virtual economies represent large opportunities, but how does one exploit them, and what role can advertising play?

I’ll be speaking at the conference so hope to meet some readers there. Click here for a 25% discount to attend Interplay.

The second is the Social Gaming Summit which Lightspeed is sponsoring and that I am helping to organize with Charles Hudson and David Sachs. It isn’t until June 13th, so I’ll post more about that next week.


1. Mike Gowen - May 8, 2008

Let us east coasters know if any podcasts come out of either event 🙂

2. Robert Brackenridge - May 9, 2008

Any discounts available for the Social Gaming Summit? I would think a distinguished Platinum sponsor such as yourself could possibly help a starving entrepreneur out… 🙂

3. jeremyliew - May 9, 2008

@Robert – wait until next week’s post!

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