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Rupert Murdoch says 40% of all mothers in America are on MySpace June 10, 2008

Posted by jeremyliew in myspace.

A remarkable stat from Rupert Murdoch at the D conference, as quoted in the WSJ:

MR. MOSSBERG: Does [MySpace] skew younger?

MR. MURDOCH: No. That is a very old-fashioned view. Forty-five percent of all the people who use MySpace are over 35. We have 40% of all the mothers in America on MySpace.


1. Liza Hausman - June 11, 2008

They have the time and the family photos to share, and i think this will increase. Disney is coming out with a mom-dedicated social network this summer that facilitates expressing mom’s identity as a mom rather than just an individual. However composition and time spent are two different things entirely and younger people are at this point still spending more time.

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