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Who is Fake Jeremy Liew? June 27, 2008

Posted by jeremyliew in blogs.

I got an email today from Kyle Brady titled “Response to Your Response on My Blog” which puzzled me as I hadn’t come across his blog before. I clicked through to his post; he had been called by a recruiter about a job at my portfolio company Rockyou, turned it down and explained, in some detail, and with great enthusiasm, why.

Someone claiming to be Jeremy Liew posted a couple of comments, parts of which I’ll excerpt below:

Kyle: I think you made a poor decision that you will one day regret deeply.

I have been a venture capitalist for many years (I got my start in the early days of venture capital back in 2006) and in all these years have seen few companies with as much potential as RockYou…

We’re still not sure what the final business model for turning those widget views into cash will be, but the opportunities are endless. I came up with 3 this morning alone…

I guess you’d have been one of those people who had the opportunity to work at a great startup like Google, Webvan, Amazon or Pets.com before they went public and would be regretting that decision to this day…

You’re young so I will give you some advice: the sooner you get in on these things, the better. You get more stock options, a beter strike price and you get to be a part of a revolution at the same time…

Sleep on it tonight and tomorrow give that recruiter a call back. Tell him Jeremy Liew referred you.

You’ll thank me for it some day soon. I guarantee it.


Jeremy Liew
Managing Partner
Lightspeed Venture Partners
“Investing at the Speed of Light”

*** Sent from my iPhone 3G ***

The comments linked to the Lightspeed website, and even had the right email address (as is evidenced by the fast that Kyle emailed me a very polite response, despite the nature of the comments). I’m no Steve Jobs, so I was pretty surprised to see that there is a fake Jeremy Liew out there!


1. Jason Holloway - June 27, 2008

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Jeremy.

I like how he, I mean you, I mean he, signals a punch line with ellipses. That’s like saying “This is funny…” before saying something. If you have to say so, it isn’t.

Anyway, congrats on the celeb!

2. davidadewumi - June 27, 2008

You could politely ask Kyle to send you the ip address that registers in the comments, maybe?

An elaborate ruse to be sure.

3. Ted Rheingold - June 27, 2008

You’re no one on the internet until someone starts pretending to be you ;>

(I wonder if Kyle wouldn’t mind sharing the IP of the comment poster with you)

4. jeremyliew - June 27, 2008

@ David and Ted, Kyle has graciously sent me the two (different) IP addresses that the comments were posted from. Unfortunately, some sleuthing revealed that the poster used a Tor Project IP in order to be anonymous. All very mysterious!

5. Adam - June 27, 2008

Hmmm… good, but not good enough. Those who know you know you’re just not quite hip enough to sport an iPhone 😉

6. Robert Brackenridge - June 27, 2008

Fake posting. Flattery at its best. Though one would have to conclude that the principle groups interested in having Kyle join would be RockYou, the recruiters, or potentially a stakeholder of RockYou.

Maybe there is a business model somewhere in all this. Someone leaves a fake post with all your credentials. It has to be a little scandalous, or else no one would take the time to alert you of your blasphemous comments. The blogger then forwards and the mayhem begins…

Ultimately, you land at an online destination where you are awarded a virtual prize. The prize opens the door to the next piece of the narrative and now you are hooked. The money comes gushing forth from your pockets uncontrollably.

I’d like to see Andrew Chen model this one 🙂

7. Jeremy Liew - June 27, 2008

Jeremy –

I think you made a poor decision in posting this that you will one day regret deeply.

Sleep on it tonight and tomorrow consider taking it down.

You’ll thank me for it some day soon. I guarantee it.


Jeremy Liew
Managing Partner
Lightspeed Venture Partners
“Investing at the Speed of Light”

8. David Kaye - June 28, 2008

Well done sir, well done.

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