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We’re excited to invest in Casual Collective November 18, 2008

Posted by jeremyliew in games, games 2.0, gaming.

I spent way too many hours playing Desktop Tower Defence last year. When I met Paul Preece, the man who destroyed my productivity for months, and heard that he was working with David Scott, a guy whose game Flash Element Tower Defence had even more gameplays than DTD, I was quite interested in hearing about what they were working on next.

I’m a big believer in applying the principles of web 2.0 to gaming: fast development cycles, user generated content (ie multiplayer games) and a direct to consumer distribution model (often free and viral).

Casual Collective, Paul and David’s new company, is applying all these principles to create a free-to-play social gaming site, and Lightspeed are excited to be seed investors in the company. In addition to the newest version of DTD and FETD, check out some of the new great games there, including the real time naval strategy game Desktop Armada, an addictive social wordgame called Farragomate and the joyful platformer Buggle Stars. But don’t expect to get much done today!



1. Paul Eres - November 19, 2008

That’s good to hear. I hope it eventually covers more than Flash games though, since I mainly focus on creating downloadable games.

2. Magnus Alm - November 20, 2008

Good call! Though it’s always hard to tell how successful a startup will be, and certainly in these times, but I think these guys have a great set up. They should be able to generate quality traffic and revenue. Congrats to David and Paul.

3. lee - December 31, 2008

Good for you, i am an indie developer although quite noobish, best of luck to you guys.

4. eagames - January 14, 2009

try the casual collective for youre self it is really good!

5. Casual Collective Grabs $1 Million For Casual Games Development — Tech News and Analysis - April 4, 2012

[…] TWX) exec Jeremy Liew on its board – the latter is a big fan of Tower Defence and on the LVP blog says that developer Paul Preece’s games […]

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