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People under the age of 30 use Myspace more than Facebook July 30, 2009

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Interesting research noted at Inside Facebook on how different generations use social networks. Most interesting chart to me shows that Gen Y (15-29) and Gen Z (13-14) use Myspace more than Facebook.


1. Joshua March - July 31, 2009

This is bad research – if they asked if people have ever used, this is probably true, but this doesn’t look at actual active engagement – which almost all data shows Facebook is beating MySpace hands down across the board.

2. McElroy - July 31, 2009

That says that virtually a quarter of people from the WW2 generation using social networks use Myspace.

Considering how few people who’s first social networking profile was on Facebook then decided to go back to Myspace that seems to suggest that 23% of the social networking traffic of that demographic was on Myspace before Facebook got started.

That seems off to me.

3. Ted Rheingold - July 31, 2009

Fascinating. I wonder if they’ve been losing younger audience as more older generation people have been logging in, or if they never had dominance for the the under 30 crowd (i.e. the crowd they made the sites for in the first place)?

4. Angela Hey - July 31, 2009

Agree with Joshua – many of the under-30 demographic first signed up for MySpace and never signed out – but are now using Facebook as their primary messaging service.

A better measure would be time spent, number of friends and posting activity on each service.

5. nick punt - August 1, 2009

+1 on Joshua’s comment. ‘Use’ here means having a profile and or perhaps logging in, but not “uses the features” (engagement metrics). It’s misleading. It’d be nice to know the question that was actually asked for the survey.

Ted, given the compartmentalized nature of each person’s social network experience, that effect seems like it wouldn’t impact on the numbers a great deal. You don’t have to retreat out of the service to retreat from uncool old people. What matters to users is where their friends generate the most content – photos, status updates, etc. Facebook dominates in these stats.

6. Ian Douthwaite - August 5, 2009

In the UK, Facebook is far more popular, and in more regular use than Myspace amongst all age groups, 12-25. Our data asks more specifically the ongoing use of the site as well as membership, and I think provides more reliable insight.

To answer some of the concerns aired above, we thought we’d share some data we have for the UK from a subset of our Dubit Informer Panel of 30,000 young people.

We asked two separate questions:
Which of these websites have you used to create personal profiles or avatars?
Which of these websites do you use at least once a week?

12-17s – membership
Bebo is the SNS with more registered teenagers 12-17 (67%); Facebook (FB) 64%; MySpace (MS) 54%

12-17s – usage
FB is used more frequently than Bebo. 53% use FB at least once a week, and this usage increases at the older end; Bebo 42%; MS 30%. Gender is also important: girls are more likely to register with, and use, Bebo.

16-25s – membership
83% have a profile on FB; MS 51%; Bebo 36%. Registrations on FB are evenly spread across all ages, from 16 to 25, but MS and Bebo registrations decrease significantly as age rises.

16-25s – usage
FB is accessed by 70% of 16-25s at least once a week (the second most used website just below Google); MS 23%, but steep decline as age increases.

Dubit have also developed the Web Engagement Scale (WES): a tool to measure involvement in different online activities, classifying users according to types of usages and frequency of use. This allows us to classify SNs, VWs and other technologies and track their take-up and usage. Watch out for Twitter amongst teens, regardless of what the 15 yr old at Morgan Stanley says!

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