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Tips on Facebook ad campaigns February 16, 2011

Posted by jeremyliew in advertising, facebook.

A couple of weeks ago Webtrends analyzed 11,529 Facebook ad campaigns representing 4.5bn impressions to see what conclusions they could draw. It’s worth reading their short white paper on Facebook Advertising Performance Benchmarks and Analysis. Some highlights include:

  • Click through rates steadily increase with age up to 65
  • State by state CTRs are relatively flat with the exception of North Dakota and Wyoming being substantially higher than the other states
  • Fun/entertainment focused campaigns work better than other types of topics
  • People who didn’t attend college click more than people who did
  • People who attended college use their friends as a filter to determine who to click on more than people who didn’t attend college
  • FB ads need new creative after three to five days

I’d urge you to read the whole thing. It’s only seven pages long.


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