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Do Aspergers, ADD and dyslexia make you more likely to be an entrepreneur? June 3, 2012

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The Economist in it’s latest edition suggests that business needs people with Asperger’s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder and dyslexia:

 Julie Login of Cass Business School surveyed a group of entrepreneurs and found that 35% of them said that they suffered from dyslexia, compared with 10% of the population as a whole and 1% of professional managers. Prominent dyslexics include the founders of Ford, General Electric, IBM and IKEA, not to mention more recent successes such as Charles Schwab (the founder of a stockbroker), Richard Branson (the Virgin Group), John Chambers (Cisco) and Steve Jobs (Apple).

It also gives some data on ADD among entrepreneurs, and more anecdotal info on Aspergers among entrepreneurs, which I think would be the least controversial claim in the tech world. Which founders do you know that have Aspergers, ADD or dyslexia?


1. LeeHunter - June 4, 2012

It might simply be that people who have difficulty meeting institutional expectations but are otherwise intelligent, often have no choice but to create their own, less travelled paths. Sometimes those different paths lead to substance abuse and other undesirable outcomes, and sometimes they lead to creative efforts like entrepreneurship.

2. joe g - June 4, 2012

I evah DDA.

3. rberg - June 6, 2012

as an entrepreneur I completely agree w/ former post. my father has dyslexia. only recently diagnosed at 65. He had dropped out of school in 9th grade when it became too difficult, sadly the self esteem adn other suffering lead him to self medicate the pain and he became an alcoholic. My siblings and I did not grow up with him, nor did we know Dyslexia and ADD were in the family. 3 out of 4 of us is a business owner =) All different fields but traditional schooling just didn’t serve creative minds well.
Recently, My father has rec’d his 32 year sober recognition, decided to go to college!

4. Dave Young - June 7, 2012

We did a podcast on this subject back in April. Our focus is how to get dyslexics to write about their passions. http://www.shortcutblogging.com/entrepreneurial-journey-into-dyslexia/

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