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WSJ recognizes the surge in fan fiction June 18, 2012

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I’ve posted in the past about how tablets and kindle will change reading. Friday’s WSJ had a big story on the fan fiction phenomenon that is well worth reading. One of the companies that they call out is Wattpad, which recently raised a large round. Watch this space, both writing and reading will continue to change as tablets and kindles take share from physical books.


1. Gary McCoy - June 18, 2012

One of the hypotheses that we wanted to test in creating Neal Stephenson’s “The Mongoliad” project was the role that fans would play in future fiction. Fan fiction is part of that equation but it turned out to be much more valuable and important than just that.

The relationships amongst fans and between us and the fans was a key differentiator for our project that impacted far more than marketing. It came with its costs to be sure, but, I think one of the biggest take-aways is that one should not attempt to create a community if you are not genuinely in having a relationship with the fans.

We took our lumps, but when our fellow publishing pros saw what we were able to accomplish, they wanted to do it to, so we recently spun the technology platform behind that project into a new company that is launching very soon (although we already have a few projects already in production).

2. More on the future of books « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog - June 26, 2012

[…] posted before on how tablet and kindle are changing reading, and how fan fiction is changing writing. The WSJ has another good example of how writing is changing, when it describes how Seth Godin used […]

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